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Attract High-level Business Opportunities and clients and SKYROCKET your Income by Uncovering a Magnetic Personal Style that looks Chic, Confident, and Competent.

… For the driven female leader, speaker and entrepreneur.

Welcome to Polished and Profitable Style

…With Josee Brisebois, Hollywood Actress & TV AnchorTurned Fashion Stylist

Are you a Female Speaker or Entrepreneur that feels like you’re…

  • Getting Passed over for new business or speaking opportunities because of the way you present yourself?

  • Not able to connect with influential people because you don’t look like a successful expert? 

  • Frustrated before virtual or live events because you want to look like a credible expert but you have no idea what to wear?

  • Not memorable enough when you talk to potential ideal clients

  • Settling for boring outfits that just “good enough” instead of showcasing your best attributes and making a statement?

  • Confused or lost about what looks good on you or how to properly put clothes together so you feel confident and successful?

  • Always criticizing your shape and the way you look in clothes

  • Here’s How You’ll BENEFIT From the Polished & Profitable Style Transformation Course

  • You could identify a wardrobe that is polished, chic and absolutely YOU

  • Looking and feeling beautiful inside & out happened every time you stepped out of your house.

  • Feeling powerful, successful and exuding genuine confidence was effortless.

  • Shopping for your unique, authentic style didn’t feel overwhelming and exhausting.

  • You could be magnetic to clients, command higher prices & increase your income exponentially.

  • How this shy, insecure little girl accidentally discovered the power of clothes… (and Why I Created This Course…)

    Hi, I’m Josee Brisebois, personal brand style expert for women speakers and entrepreneurs. Style and fashion have been a passion my entire life.

    When I worked as a Hollywood actor, news anchor, TV host, marketing manager, and speaker, I saw firsthand the difference that stylish, professional clothing made in helping me stand out and land job after job.

    But I didn’t always feel confident. Growing up with a skinny twin sister, I was “affectionately” nicknamed ‘Chubby’ by my sisters. As a result, I grew up as a very insecure child with a poor self-image and low self-confidence.

    And then I realized that having a keen eye for style makes all the difference. Other kids treated me with respect and I began to feel better about myself.

    My 25+ years of experience equipped me with a unique skill set that allows me to proficiently create personal brands for leaders. As a result, I have personally styled TV personalities, speakers and professionals.

    Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed countless talented women miss out on incredible business growth opportunities all because they don’t exude the expertise that’s inside. I learned to cultivate my own personal style for success… and so can you.

    What’s Included in Polished & Profitable STYLE Transformation Course?

  • 15+ Easy to Follow Video Lessons Using My Own Wardrobe As a Teaching Tool

  • Templates and Resources to Keep You On Track Throughout Your Learning

  • One Year Access To a Private Facebook Group For Q+A’s, Support, and Feedback From My Super Star Style Team  

  • 2 Live Monthly Q&A For Guaranteed Success 

  • Proprietary 4-Step Brand Style System

  • Lifetime Access to Course and all recordings

  • Hey, let’s talk bonuses…

  • Bonus: The Queen of High-End Bargain Shopping Blueprint (valued at $300). Learn the exact steps to fill your wardrobe with successful-looking outfits that fit your authentic style for a fraction of the price (save up to $500 – $6,000 or more per year) – limited time offer!

  • Bonus: Guide to the best kept secret clothing stores categorized by personal brand style, so you don’t waste time looking for brands that suit you best. (valued at $100)

  • LIMITED Bonus: After I teach you exactly how to shop for yourself, you will get personalized custom Email feedback on 15 items of your choice to ensure you get maximum results ( limited number of people).

  • LIMITED Bonus: 30 minute personalized branding session on zoom to answer any follow up questions tailored to your needs so you can look your very best (limited number of people).

  • You may be thinking...

    I’m not at my goal weight… maybe I should wait? (But really you should learn to dress your body to love it now.)

    I don’t have time to work through a course right now. (Good news! My self-guided course lets you learn at your own pace on a schedule that fits with your lifestyle.)

    I don’t have the budget to spend on a brand new wardrobe right now. (And you don’t have to! Most women have pieces of clothing that can be repurposed and restyled for a fresh new look they love already in their closets.)

    You Could Spend Your Money...

    GUARANTEE: I am so confident in the results this course provides that I offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you go through all the modules and execute every exercise in the course. If you complete the course within 60 days and you still feel you didn’t get the results you wanted, I will give you your money back, no questions asked.


    Terri Quenzer

    Ph.D. and Nutrition Coach

    "It’s unbelievable the difference it makes to dress in a more stylish way. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it! People treat me differently. I get compliments all the time and I feel way more confident. It really is a life changing experience. Josee has been such an amazing help to support the growth of my business. Plus, I LOVE this class! You've done an awesome job in creating such valuable content!!! The class is absolutely fabulous!!! Thank you so much!!!"

    Kim Shannon

    Operations Leadership

    Josee` is an amazing and dynamite Personal Brand Stylist. She has a wealth of information not just about fashion but how fashion can work for you so you can look and feel more confident in everything you do. Her humor, knowledge, and passion for helping people find their style has been absolutely inspirational. I left her class every week with a big smile on my face. "Thanks to you Josee`, I am so much more positive about getting ready for the day. I feel more confident in business meetings, looking successful and owning my personal brand style. I'm so grateful we connected. You have already made such a difference in my life."

    Tamara Golden

    Retreat Planner at Golden Journeys Travel

    Love, love, LOVE your presentations! SO IMPRESSED with your professionalism and thoroughness, and the generosity of your content. This entire experience with Josee from start to finish has been a joy. I would highly recommend working with Josee for anyone who is looking to uplevel in business, or simply feel more confident in their clothes. She is wonderful to work with, bringing fun and encouragement. Since working with her I am approaching my wardrobe and dressing to impress with greater confidence and excitement. The biggest transformation for me that resulted from the course was getting a better grip on how to pull some looks together to look more fashionable, feminine and professional.Josee is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her craft! She has put together in this course an amazing amount of information that will really help you figure out what you should be wearing to allow your skin tone, figure, and yes, even your personality, be seen at its best. She then takes this a step further in addressing how we as professional women can attract our ideal clients, elicit certain emotional responses through our wardrobe, and look better on stage or in front of the camera. This course is a must for any female entrepreneur looking to uplevel their wardrobe and their public image.

    Ellen C. Lee

    Chief Home Organizer

    Josee, Thank you for a great course. It was a fun-filled, authentic, and comprehensive course! The six weeks were so well thought out to cover everything about fashion and styling for my business and personal brand. I walked away with more clarity and awareness of who I am as an entrepreneur, and that I don't have to have a separate "business persona" but get to be fully aligned in how I express myself through my clothing. That's freedom! And to know how to represent my brand by being authentically who I am is priceless. Josee is so accessible, responsive to questions, Facebook posts, and really patient in helping me discover my style. The resources she provides to help us look "expensive" are so applicable and relevant. I highly recommend this course!"

    Eileen Mendel

    CEO, Business Strategist & Mentor

    Josee is a font of knowledge when it comes to understanding style--this includes choosing the right wardrobe for your body type, coloring, and personality as well as how to organize your outfits to stay consistent with your brand image. I enjoyed her presentation, which was thorough, easy to follow, and very well presented. The visuals and handouts were extremely helpful tools that I will refer to often when shopping and assembling my outfits--apparel, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and makeup--to look and feel at my best.

    Betse Bernstein

    OwnerTherapeutic Massage of Thailand

    This Course was one of the most comprehensive courses I have taken. We learned how to identify our own personal style and our best colors to wear, How to organize our closet and then determine what we need to shop for, and where to shop. Care and maintenance or our clothes was included along with the best quality of fabrics to own. Loved seeing how stylish we could become by following Josee's tips. So much more was included. Find out for yourself. Thank you Josee for a truly amazing course.

    Sarah McComber

    Project Manager

    Josée has this unique ability to be a strong minded, level headed person as well as having the capacity to make you feel comfortable, at ease as well as make you laugh. She is an intelligent woman and has her own well developed style but will never make you feel like you need to look similar to her to be stylish. She takes into consideration, the person you are and what life stage you are in and will listen and support you every step of the way. Her course is a great way to bring in new energy and really assess what you want in life and how you want to be viewed.

    It gave me tools on how to be a confident dresser and therefore be able to “show up” in life with an inner strength that can only get stronger with time.

    Danielle Short

    Real Estate

    It was very valuable to clarify my style for my personal brand. I learned a lot about determining my shape and what styles to wear and mixing patterns and textures.

    I gained a clearer idea of my personal style for my body shape and I’m now ready to shop with intent!

    Nancy Shah

    Licensed Psychologist

    This exercise has really put some juice and inspiration into me that I never would've imagined I'd get from doing a "fashion class!!" I'm super stoked!!! Had to share!

    Valerie Sorrentino

    Intuitive Coach and healer

    You already helped me gain clarity and it's only the tip of the iceberg. I loved it!!!! It was great and totally engaging. Plus the graphics are gorgeous. I feel like I'm getting so much out of it. I feel inspired and more focused already.

    Joie Cheng

    Author, Speaker, Book Publishing Mentor

    After taking Josee’s course, I feel more clear and confident about my brand and my power colors. I recommend taking her course.

    Davide DiGiorgio

    Speaker Coach, Author, TEDx Speaker

    Josée is amazing at what she does and her course will help you to dress for WILD success!! UNLEASH YOUR WOW FACTOR is a perfect title for the course -- I've seen it myself, many times over!  I can't endorse her enough - for what she does in her business and personally! Check her out!!

    Tired of feeling like you don’t look the part in the moments that matter? Ready to know how to assemble your own stylish outfits to reflect your unique, authentic brand, boost your confidence, and stand apart from the crowd?


    Weekly 60 to 90 Minutes Calls

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